Double Hung Windows

ProVia Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are one of the most popular, iconic styles of windows chosen by individuals and contractors designing, building, or renovating a home. This classic style of window is exactly what you think of when you think of windows: a rectangle comprised of two square sashes (the top and bottom window panes).

Why Choose Double Hung Windows?

Double hung windows have many benefits, making them one of the most popular choices for new builds and home renovations.

  • Improved Airflow – Double hung windows (unlike single hung windows) allow you to move both the upper and lower sashes to create optimal air flow that lets hot air escape through the top and cool air come in through the bottom.
  • Easier to Clean – Many double hung windows also feature a tilt function, allowing you to tilt the panes and clean windows from inside. You never have to wait for nice weather to have clean windows and a clear view.
  • Safer – Double hung windows allow you to open the top half of the window, making them a safer choice in homes with multiple stories and young children.

Double Hung Replacement Windows from Airtite Wholesale Building Materials

If your home is due for replacement windows, we highly recommend choosing double hung replacement windows. At Airtite Wholesale Building Materials, we carry stock from WeatherLok and Pollard, two window manufacturers that offer superior quality and design. Replacement windows not only help keep damage-causing elements and pests on the outside where they belong, they will also likely improve your home’s overall energy efficiency. For more information about double hung windows for your home renovation or construction project, contact Airtite Wholesale Building Materials. Our home supply experts will help you select the right windows to complement your house’s form and function.