Concrete Sealers

Concrete Sealer

Concrete Sealers

Concrete or patio sealers are meant to protect your surfaces from external factors such as harsh weather, water, oil and grease — to name a few. By sealing your concrete, whether it be in the driveway, the garage or your exterior walkway, you’re ensuring that the area maintains the fresh look it had when it was brand-new. Because concrete is a porous material, it is susceptible to absorbing moisture, which often leads to mold or mildew. Sealing your concrete is an easy and reliable way to avoid the unpleasant green tint that indicates this unwelcome presence of moisture. In fact, garage floor sealer or concrete driveway sealer can leave a glossy sheen or remain nearly invisible, depending on your preference. By sealing your concrete, Airtite Wholesale Building Materials can help your surfaces stay clean and impenetrable.

Our Available Sealers

Browse our extensive selection of products to find the concrete basement sealer that best fulfills your needs. Among our options to ensure the fresh appearance of your concrete are topical, penetrating and integral sealers. Topical concrete sealers leave a coating that protects your surface from external, potentially harmful factors. Penetrating sealer closes the pores of your concrete below the surface to effectively shield against all moisture. Integral sealers are added to concrete before it is poured, which saves you the typically month-long waiting period. Regardless of the type of sealer you’re looking for, Airtite Wholesale Building Material’s helpful team is ready to assist you throughout the process.

Maximize Durability

One of the main functions of a concrete sealer is to prevent unwanted substances such as water, grease or oil from damaging your surfaces. Not only does this keep your concrete looking clean and fresh, it effectively eradicates the chance of your concrete breaking down prematurely, which can be seen through common cracking or scaling. An additional benefit of concrete patio sealer is the protection it provides during harsh weather, freezing and thawing. Drastic temperature and moisture changes can take years off of your concrete’s life without the proper protective layer — don’t wait to find your perfect concrete sealer at Airtite Wholesale Building Materials today.

Care for Your Investment

Your concrete floor sealer is an unsung hero — taking daily wear and tear from foot traffic, vehicles and your patio furniture. Cement sealing can be expected to last 25-30 years, and a sealer serves to maximize that timeframe. It only makes sense to invest in the maintenance of your surfaces when they serve you so frequently and for so long. Airtite Wholesale Building Materials is proud to offer high-quality sealers that ensure your concrete and patio stay protected and fresh as long as you’ll enjoy them. Contact us at 716-741-2127 to see whether sealed concrete is right for your upcoming project.