Kitchen Countertops

What are the Advantages of Solid Surface Kitchen Countertops?

People are notoriously hard on their kitchen countertops — from scratches and breaking to cracks that can appear over time, especially if the countertops are made from sub-standard materials. Fortunately, adding or replacing high-quality kitchen countertops is easier than ever, with a wide range of solid surface kitchen countertops available for purchase. Here are some of the top reasons homeowners are moving towards solid surface countertops for upcoming projects.

Solid Surface Kitchen Countertops Offer Timeless Beauty

Most countertops will look stunning right after they are installed, but will your countertops stand the test of time? With solid surface countertops, you are getting an antimicrobial substance that is stain resistant and renewable — ensuring that they will beautify your space for decades to come. Most scratches can be easily buffed out, too. The range of colors and finishes that you can select for your solid surface kitchen countertops is virtually endless, allowing you to pull your kitchen together with the look and feel of the remainder of your home.

Clean-Air Certified, Food-Safe Countertops

Since solid surface countertops are a single block of material, they are NSF/ANSI Certified for food preparation and storage, and many of the options are also SCS Certified as recycled content — meaning your purchase may qualify your family for Leeds points. These renewable resources can also help improve the quality of your internal air, for items that are Greenguard NSF Certified.

Finding just the right countertop for your home is an important decision and one that shouldn’t be made without adequate information. Contact the professionals at Airtite Wholesale Building Materials at 716-741-2127 or via email to to find which solid surface kitchen countertops will work best for you. You’ll find top-quality countertop brands at the wholesale prices that you’re sure to appreciate.