House Deck

How to Build the Deck of Your Dreams

Your deck is where you go to unwind and appreciate the outdoors from the convenience of your home. But are you maximizing your space’s potential? If you’re looking for simple ways to take your patio decking to the next level, search no further. With our help, you can create a relaxing and stylish outdoor space by implementing some of our achievable tips. Check it out!


Add Some Greenery to Your Decking


A simple way to spruce up your deck is to install planters, whether they are colorful flowers or even vegetables and herbs that you can use in the kitchen. Don’t hesitate to get creative — there are numerous ways to make sophisticated planters look right at home on your deck. Try stacking stones in front of or beside your deck for an elegant and natural-looking planter. Lay the stones with mortar to ensure a solid foundation and fill the bottom of the opening with gravel or additional stones to allow for drainage. You can also try planters that line the edge of the deck or railing of the stairs. This will create a pleasant, decorative barrier for your space, and can even provide support on the stairs.


Cascade Stairs and Curved Railings 


Wraparound stairs are a perfect option for those with low-sitting decks. Not only will cascade stairs make your patio decking one with the landscape, but they will also provide ample seating for gatherings while saving your lawn from the habitual traffic leading to a standard 3-foot wide staircase. Another creative change to enhance your decking is curved framing, railing and even benches. Your deck will be trendy and personalized when you implement these unique features.


Create a Private, Shady Getaway 


Put the finishing touch on your deck by installing a privacy screen that fits your needs. Start by building a frame and then fill it in with either wood slats, bamboo for a slightly more open “screen”, fabric, or a trellis covered in climbing vines. This multipurpose addition can also provide shade. Are you interested in adding a deck to your home? If so, contact our friendly team at Airtite Wholesale Building Supply, either at 716-741-2127 or by email at