Exterior Door

Does Your Front Door Need a Facelift

Are your exterior doors looking a little dated? Perhaps you’ve noticed that there’s more air seeping into that area of your home due to aging doors. While you might originally decide to pick a new door based on looks, there are actually several factors that you should consider before making this decision. If you’re seeing light shine through cracks around your door, it’s a solid bet that your door is also letting out your carefully controlled climate.


Important Considerations When Buying Exterior Doors


There are several reasons people decide to replace exterior doors: improve security, enhance energy efficiency or update their style. Your front doors are the sole protection between your family and everything outside your walls, and you need to be confident that your doors are secure. Here’s what to consider when making this purchase:


  • Choose your material: Wood, fiberglass and steel are all great options and have specific properties that may meet your unique needs.
  • Consider the type of locks that will help you feel comfortable. Locks are graded: Grade 1 is a commercial lock that will be more expensive, while many homeowners are comfortable with Grade 2 security ratings.
  • Do you want to go with prehung or slab doors? While slab doors are the least expensive upfront, there are additional costs associated with installation.


Exterior Doors That Pop


When contractors are buying doors for an unknown future homeowner, it can be challenging to know exactly how far to go with your over-the-top design ideas. Fortunately, the professionals at Airtite Wholesale Building Materials can help you find the most popular styles for entry doors and be sure you’re getting what’s on-trend and most likely to appeal to your buyers.


Ready to get started on perking up the ho-hum outside of your home? New front doors are an easy way to keep your curb appeal high and maintain a fresh and engaging appearance. Plus, you often gain additional insulation when you add a door with updated standards! Contact the professionals at Airtite Wholesale Building Materials at 716-741-2127 or via email to info@airtitewholesale.com for more information or to schedule a consultation.