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Ditch High Winter Heating Bills with These Quick Tips

It’s likely that it isn’t just the chill outside on your body that’s feeling the effects of colder temperatures right now. Your home and your poor wallet are probably feeling it to as the heating bills rise. With just a few home improvements, you can get help to get winter bills under control.

Invest in Home Management Tech

Did you know that dropping your thermostat while you’re not in the house can save you up to 3% of your heating bills each winter? There are plenty of options for automated home thermostats that allow you to program in specific temperatures to match the time of day and day of the week. There’s no reason to heat an empty house or keep the rooms toasty when you’re asleep. These home thermostats often link to a mobile application so you can heat up your house with just a few taps so it’s ready when you get there.

Add Some Insulation

If your home is several decades old, there’s a good possibility that your insulation could use a little love. Having a home improvement professional come take a peek at your home’s insulation could be a quick and inexpensive way to identify areas where your insulation leaves something to be desired. The good news is that beefing up your home’s insulation not only saves you money on heating — but might get you a nice tax-deduction, too!

Install Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows in Your Home

Up to 15% of your home’s heat loss could be caused by old or out-of-date windows that let in a draft. Small cracks around your windows could be creating a “cold zone” that lets the warm air continually seep out of your home, causing a big boost in heating bills. Today’s energy-efficient house windows provide you with the layer of insulation that you need to keep your home warm — without costing a fortune in heating bills! The same is true of any doors that lead to the outside.

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