Asphalt Roof

4 Signs That You Might Need a New Roof

Are you noticing that your roofing shingles are looking a little ragged or distressed, perhaps buckling a bit in places? This is a sign that you may need a new roof. It’s important that you don’t wait until there are buckets of water pouring into your attic or home — that can add a great deal of expense to your repairs! Check out these clues that your home might need a new roof.

1. Check Inside First

Oddly enough, finding problems with your roof starts inside. Check your attic and ceilings for any sign of wetness, seepage or sunlight coming through that could indicate it’s time to start shopping for roofing supplies.

2. Is Your Roof Drooping?

If your roof is no longer flat and seems to be drooping in sections, this is another good indicator that you might need to repair or replace your roof. This saggy situation can be caused by rotting boards or damage to other support structures that you can’t see from the outside.

3. Is Your Roof Long in the Tooth?

Everything ages, and your roof is no different! A standard roof will have a lifespan of 20-25 years (or less, for some roof types). If your roof is getting close to that critical age, it’s probably time to consider replacement.

4. You Have a Rooftop Garden (That You Didn’t Plant)

Moss loves to grow just about anywhere it can find some shade, and if your roof is looking a little green — this could be the cause. While moss or algae alone aren’t a reason to replace a roof unless the look is bothering you, they can point to underlying problems such as trapped water. When you need the best roofing materials and roofing supplies for your next project, visit the friendly professionals at Airtite Wholesale Building Materials. We will work closely with you to ensure that you are getting the highest-quality roofing shingles and other supplies for your project at a reasonable price. Contact us today at 716-741-2127 or via email to