Double Hung Windows

4 Great Reasons to Choose Double Hung Windows

Are cold, drafty windows making you wonder if it’s time for replacement windows? When your windows begin to fog up during changes in weather or you can physically feel cool air seeping in around the windowsills, chances are it’s time to start looking for an upgrade. Windows are an investment in your home that will continue to pay dividends in terms of energy savings and an improved comfort level. Updating your windows also allows you to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home from the inside — and from the outside! Many families are choosing double hung windows for these great reasons . . . and more!


Here are 4 Great Reasons to Choose Double Hung Windows


1. Easy Maintenance


Few people are excited to grab a ladder and head outside with cleaning supplies to teeter precariously while attempting to clean your grimy windows. With double hung windows, your maintenance tasks are much easier as they often come with tilt-out sashes that make it easier to clean from either the inside or outside of your home.


2. Improved Security for Your Home


As windows age, it’s not unusual for the locks to become broken or the windows stuck. With new replacement windows, you can be confident knowing that your home is fully protected by windows that don’t project outwards, making it more difficult for intruders to enter.


3. Boost Energy Efficiency


Why let your interior warm or cool air slip outside through your windows? Windows are one of the key areas of insulation for your home, and double hung windows provide an added layer of protection. All of this, plus updated windows come with crisp, new glass that will help bring in the maximum amount of natural light to your home.


4. Improved Ventilation


Do you love to have your windows open, but worry about opening the bottom of windows with kids or pets? Double hung windows provide a better option — pull your windows down from the top instead of up from the bottom! Safety and great ventilation come together in these replacement windows.


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