Kitchen Cabinets

3 Key Tips for Selecting New Kitchen Cabinets

Are your kitchen cabinets looking a bit worn? Perhaps you’re simply ready for a new look and a kitchen refresh — in which case a kitchen cabinet upgrade could be just what the doctor ordered! Not all cabinets are created alike, so it’s important to look for components that will fit well with the overall look of your home as well as fit within your budget! Here are 3 quick notions to keep in mind when you’re selecting your new kitchen cabinets.


Custom Cabinets or a Standard Profile?


If you have a healthy budget, you might want to consider building a custom set of kitchen cabinets that will enhance the unique look and feel of your home. All modern cabinets are built from high-quality materials, but custom cabinetry may require a longer lead time and also carry a heftier price tag.


Keep Organization Top of Mind


When designing a kitchen, it’s important to keep functionality in mind as well as form. Consider the mix of cabinets when you’re looking for door options, determining whether a more traditional closed look will work for your upper cabinets or if you’d like to have some glass-front accent doors in certain areas — or throughout your kitchen! There are no wrong answers and you can mix-and-match components to create the ideal look for your home. Pull-out drawers for corners are incredibly useful, and there are lots of other options to help keep your kitchen clean and organized.


Select the Wood (and Color!) for Your Kitchen Cabinets


Homeowners and contractors alike have strong opinions about the various types and shades of wood cabinets that can be installed in a kitchen. Some people love the look of white or very light painted cabinets while others adore a dark cherry stain. Picking your favorite is half the fun, but it’s good to have an idea about the direction you’re interested in before going shopping for your kitchen cabinets.


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