3 Easy Bathroom Renovations: Make a Big Difference on a Budget

Is your bathroom feeling a bit drab and dated, but you don’t have a big budget for a major overhaul? Great news! There are several ways to update your look without spending a fortune — or a long period of time without your personal space while contractors are working. These 3 simple renovations will make a big difference in the look of your bathroom.

1. Replace Your Fixtures

The moisture in the air tends to damage metal fixtures over time, making them look a little pitted or dated. Fortunately, you can replace your fixtures and add a bit of shine to your bathroom without spending a fortune! Fixtures are a quick fix that you can often install yourself, and there are plenty of fun and interesting color and style choices to update your space.

2. New Bathroom Counter Tops or Vanities

Bathroom counter tops tend to get worn over time or may not reflect the current trends. Replacing your counter tops is relatively inexpensive and can generally be done over a weekend. Since your bathroom space is much smaller than your kitchen, this might be a place to splurge on granite or another high-end material.

3. Freshen Up Your Color Scheme

The bathroom is one place where you don’t want to skimp on the quality of your paint, as the steam can cause problems with lower-grade pigments. If your bathroom is a basic color, consider adding a new little pop with some brighter shades or even a mural or wall art option. You may be surprised how much of a difference this little change can make!

Doing a little upgrade here and there around your home can make a big difference in how much you enjoy your space. Why wait to make changes when you’re selling your home? Turn your house into the warm and cozy space you deserve when you work with the professionals at Airtite Wholesale Building Materials to find the best options that are in your price range. Contact us at 716-741-2127 today or view our range of products online. While your bathroom cabinets are a big investment, there are plenty of ways to ensure that you will love them for decades when you customize your cabinets exactly as you want them. Reach out to the professionals at Airtite Wholesale Building Materials to get started at 716-741-2127 or via email to